Property Development Project Advocacy​

You are a local developer and property owner, get guidance and expertise on project challenges involving local and state government regulatory agencies and interest groups including planning, entitlement, permitting and inspection processes.

Property Development Project Advocacy

“Move the needle”, easier said than done. Entitlements and permitting process is difficult and time-consuming for even the most savvy business owner. Developers and property owners face challenges that did not exist as recently as 10 years ago. Managing Local and State government, regulatory agencies and interest groups require a well-thought out plan for success. Most experienced land use professionals face a frustrating maze when attempting to build, rebuild or develop properties. From the beginning stages to final inspection, I work for a win-win outcome with a focused and streamlined approach.

Time and money. Both are valuable, efficient use of both can make or break a project. Sometimes those efforts are in the form of direct dollars; and sometimes we are able to improve government efficacy – saving both time and money. For instance, on behalf of one of our clients, I reworked an approved utility plan by right-sizing water meters to save our client $242,000. In another case, modification of a local sign ordinance allowed a business enterprise client to generate $6 million in lifetime revenue. I have 42 years of experience and success in land use entitlements, zoning, building permit, improvement plans and utility deployment. Whether it is assisting with neighborhood and interest-group support, a Master Sign Program, utility deployment, special event permitting, tenant improvement approvals, Conditional Use Permits, zoning changes or a simple inspection permit, I provide the expertise necessary to successfully guide you through the process.

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